Halloween Impact FAQ

Giveaway Winners

Congrats to our recent giveaway winners! The following people get a gift for patiently waiting for over 45 days for this limited-edition release 🎃:

  1. Belen in VA
  2. Kristine in MI
  3. John in IL
  4. Amber in NV
  5. Olivia in MA
  6. Laura in CA
  7. Cristina in MD
  8. Gail in MA
  9. Emily in PA
  10. Juliana in TX 

Questions About the Cause

What’s the cause? Who is Baby2Baby?
Apolis is releasing the customizable, ethically handcrafted Petite Market Bag in Black in a limited-edition run that’s only available for one week: Oct. 8-15. Every bag sold will help Baby2Baby provide a day’s worth of diapers to children in need — because sadly, 1 in 3 families in America can’t afford diapers for their babies. It’s such a simple need, yet so many people are forced to choose between diapers or food, and that’s not okay. The team at Baby2Baby works tirelessly to provide basic essentials to children living in poverty. Learn more about 501(c)(3) nonprofit Baby2Baby.

Why only one week all year?
Our bags are made at a specific co-op in Bangladesh that is committed to providing above-Fair Trade wages, annual profit dividends, and a retirement fund to 200+ mothers — which means that quantities are often limited. We’re currently in the process of expanding our production capabilities, but we’re committed to doing so in a way that doesn’t put pressure on these factories to cut corners in quality or ethical sourcing — though that means we can’t offer all our bags at all times of the year.

Questions About the Bag

What are the dimensions of the bag?
The bag is 12.5″ wide, 9.5″ high, 5.5″ deep, 3.5″ drop, with a 5″ x 6″ interior pocket for your keys or small wallet. It has 3.5” drop with a vegetable-tanned, ethically sourced black leather handle which is reinforced by antique nickel rivets — which means the bag can hold well over 75 pounds! Plus, the interior is water-resistant, making it easy to wipe clean in case of a spill (because hey, spills happen).

Will the black rub off or fade?
These bags are dyed and dried with natural materials, and we guarantee that the black dye will not rub off onto your clothes. It’s worth noting that the average bag lasts for years and fading is very limited.

How much is the bag? What’s Afterpay?
The bag costs $58 USD, which can be paid for in full or in four biweekly installments of $14.50 USD each through Afterpay (with no interest if paid within that time). You can read details on Afterpay here.

Why is the bag $58?
The $58 USD cost doesn’t just reflect the customizable printed phrase of your choice along with fair wages and profit dividends for the women who make the bag; it also reflects quality, as this bag is built to be durable and reliable for the long haul! Plus, every tote will help Baby2Baby provide a day’s worth of diapers to children in need (not just the black tote, but every Apolis bag sold during this campaign, from October 8-15th).

More details on the bag:

  • Built to last for years; returns accepted after receipt within 30 days with 100% money-back quality guarantee
  • Features your customized phrase (great for gifts!)
  • Water-resistant interior is easy to wipe clean
  • Benefits the Bangladeshi moms who craft each bag

Where is the bag made?
Every bag is handcrafted in Bangladesh by mothers who receive above-Fair Trade wages, annual profit dividends, and a retirement fund (read Forbes.com’s article on how this approach is changing people’s lives, with 500,000 bag owners and counting). The bags are then shipped to Los Angeles, California, where a growing team of 13 people print one-of-a-kind customizations onto the bag.